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Investment funds

Private Equity mindset applied to public stock markets

Investment strategy that combines the best of the value investing philosophy, together with the deep analysis and disciplined investment process of a Private Equity. Management 100% independent and aligned with the investors interests.


Companies with a solid business model, an excellent management team, and a high and sustainable cash flows.

Long-term investment horizon


Deep knowledge of a company

Disciplined investment process

Active investment management

Enhancement corporate governance

Focus on the best opportunities.

Leverage dominance


Lookout for undervalued companies and the safety margin

Increased number of investment opportunities

Investment free of control premium

Low transaction costs

Daily liquidity

Differentiating elements

Purchasing at a high discount

  • Our focus is to buy cash flows in good businesses at very attractive valuation multiples.
  • We believe that an attractive entry valuation is one of the best levers for generating long-term returns.

We are different from the rest of the funds

  • Private Equity disciplined investment
  • The experience of owning companies allows us to understand the dynamics of businesses and sectors.
  • Small overlap with other funds’ portfolios.

Profiting from flexibility

  • Flexibility to globally invest in the best investment opportunities.
  • Flexibility to invest along the capital structure (equities/bonds).
  • No pressure to invest as we accept to have a high level of liquidity.

We control the risk to the maximum

  • All of our assets are invested and we are willing to give up profitability to protect the capital.
  • We don’t invest if we can’t numerically quantify risk.

LIFT Global Value Fund

The fund’s objective is to protect the invested capital by obtaining a higher long-term return while minimizing short-term volatility through an active and flexible investment strategy.

Investments are globally made in equities, bonds and monetary assets. The selection of investments is carried out following the investment principles of value investing, combined with the deep analysis and the strict investment process used in private equity.

LIFT Income Fund

The fund’s objective is to achieve recurring income through medium-term capital appreciation by globally investing in fixed income and equities. The maximum exposure to equities that the fund can have is 30% of the portfolio.

The fund is mainly invested in bonds (up to 100% including but not limited to convertible bonds, fixed or variable coupon, zero coupon and treasury bonds, high-yield bonds as well as CoCos (with a maximum exposure of 10% of the total net assets of the Subfund), monetary assets issued in the Euro zone and other regulated international markets, deposits and secondarily in equities).

Source: LIFT Investment Advisors EAF. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

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Investment strategy 100% independent and aligned with the interests of our investors.

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