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The fund

LIFT Income Fund

Investment policy

The fund’s objective is to achieve recurring income through medium-term capital appreciation by globally investing in fixed income and equities. The maximum exposure to equities that the fund can have is 30% of the portfolio. The fund follows the United Nations Principles of Responsible Investment (UNPRI).

Asset allocation

Investments are made in stocks, bonds, and monetary assets on a global scale. The investment selection is conducted following the value investing investment principles, combined with the deep analysis and the strict investment process used in Private Equity.

Sectorial distribution

Even though LIFT’s team is specialized in consumption, industrial, holdings, health, real state, and infrastructures, the portfolio’s investments are diversified into a wide array of sectors.

Source: LIFT Investment Advisors EAF. Past returns are not a true indicator of future returns.

Name of the fund DIP – LIFT Income Fund


Category DIP LIFT Income
Asset manager A&G Fondos SGIIC
Advisor LIFT Investment Advisors EAF
ManCo Adepa Asset Management
Constitution date 04/11/2020
Auditor PWC
Minimum stock subscription 1 share
Management fee 1,25% per year
CNMV risk 4/7

LIFT Global Value Fund

Investment strategy 100% independent and aligned with the interests of our investors.

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